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The European Competence Center for Digital Processes and Neurocommunication

The European Competence Center for Digital Processes and Neurocommunication (EC-DPNC) builds on this scientific reorientation and completes effective marketing with the help of unique, neural methods and techniques in the sense of predictive intelligence.

Target Group Definition
Data evaluation

Wie anticipate instrinsic motivations. Based on this, we optimize the purchase probability.

Up to this point, it was impossible to forecast the exact impact of advertising. Subsequent evaluation also revealed itself to be a challenge, as large numbers of samples were required. The Competence Center for Digital Processes and Neurocommunication Research (EC-DPNC) spent years investigating the solution to this problem and, based on sound scientific findings, developed a reliable tool that uses neural currents to measure the dynamics of visual stimuli.

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Get to know the success of your advertising strategy even before its accomplished!

Save financial resources through the avoidance of non-working advertising strategies which cause more costs than benefits!

International Partners
  • Doppler Clinic
  • University of Luxembourg
  • Limbio Neurocommunication
  • FYNEST Advertising Agency Graz
  • Ithaler Consult
Many Years of Experience
  • Distribution Research
  • Brain Research
  • Motive Research
  • Organisational Research
  • Advertising Research
Relevant Publications
  • Cyber-Commerce Reframing (2002)
  • Template-Driven Consulting (2003)
  • Marketing Resource Management (2015)
  • B2B-Marketing Guidebook (2020)
  • Data-driven Management (2021)
  • Predictive Intelligence for Manager (2021)

We act cognitively because we record and understand brain activity which we use consequently.

We have the neuroscientific approach and record changes in brain activity by means of functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). This enables us to model success along the entire buyer journey at all touchpoints. Therefore, we can immediately counteract any weak points and eliminate them in the spirit of Impulse Marketing.

We are scientific-founded and practice-oriented positioned.

We not only acquire the necessary data and information, but also put them into practice with our competent partner companies. In this way, we guarantee not only reliable neuroscientific results, but also provide you based on your specific situation relevant instructions for a stringent optimization of your Marketing-Reurn-On-Sales (MRoI).

The brain of your client is crucial for your success!

For a successful sustainable development of a company, it is essential to understand and anticipate the mechanisms of economic action and activity structurally and analytically. Whether in the field of B2C or B2B, Predictive Profit Marketing is the decisive concept for precisely predicting or inferring a purchase decision. To do this, it is necessary to start where the basis of our perception is located: in the brain. From the data obtained from this, we develop comprehensive strategies for all your touchpoints and subsequently through meta-analyzes possible strategic adjustment-needs.