Brain Research

Predictable customer reactions determine the success of advertising. Take advantage of this knowledge.

We examine what really sells!

Unconscious processes are responsible for purchase decisions. We make these invisible processes visible and filter target group specific results to successfully develop converting touchpoints to scaling business models and strategies.

Predict customer reactions
Achieve better results

Brain Scans lower your advertising expenses and
increase your profits!

Our subconscious
  • Advertising doesn't have to please to sell. You need to attract the trigger points of your target audience which are deeply rooted in the subconscious.
A glance inside of the blackbox
  • Objectively, advertising is difficult to measure. Hence, it is important to look into the black box of the human brain in order to learn to understand processes and, on the basis of this knowledge, to be able to design and play out all touchpoints along a defined buyer journey in a predictive and interactive manner.

Motivate your target audience!

Is advertising only successful if it generates emotions? Incorrect! Creativity on its own is no guarantee of effective advertising. Advertising only gains relevance when you trigger purchase motivations in your target group. Our brain scans precisely check the action motivations of your target group and thus enable the optimal coordination of touchpoints.

Accomplished Brainscans
Brainwaves visualized
Efficient solution strategies evolved

We look behind the scenes of the brain!

If you understand biological basics and act with this in mind, your sales and advertising strategies will be verifiably more successful. Get to know the behavioral preferences of your target audience, understand motives and motivations, in short: gain data and insights for the triggers of your target audience. We analyze the preferences and action tendencies of your target audience not by asking them directly, but by analyzing and evaluating their brain waves. Because nowadays it's no longer USP's that perform, but motion points.