Motive Research

Acquire an extensive comprahension of your target audience's needs, motivations, triggers, and behaviors.

Motive Research is your Business Boost!

Purchase decisions are hardly made by rational behavior, but are shaped by personal needs and often unconscious motives. A comprehensive understanding for your own target group is clearly the key factor for your business-success.

We define your individual client typologies (personas) by using multivariate, statistical processes.

In the area of motive research, the following applies: no motive theory is universally valid. To determine the factors of a purchase decision, you need to identify the needs of your target group in a timely manner. With our brain scans, we analyze motives, preferences and needs of your target groups as well as current trends on which they respond and can act and anticipate precisely.

Motives recognized
Customized strategies designed
Outstanding clients supervised
25 Years of Experience
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  • Meinungsforschung
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Develop a comprehensive understanding of your target audience's consumer behavior!

Focus on the most important part of your company's success - the situational-optimal customer approach. However, you will only achieve this breakthrough if you understand your target audience's consumer behavior. You reach your clientele at the exact moment when the wanting area of your target group is activated stringently and effectively.

We collect relevant data by using reliable scientific analysis from Motivational Research. Out of this, we develop valuable resources to maximize the return on your advertising investment.