We provide complete insights into your target audience's perception and help you strategically in how to use your marketing and sales budget.

Step 1
Understand your strategy and target audience.
  • Based on your current business strategy or goals, we examine your target audiences, your touchpoints and your marketing performance.
Step 2
Data comparision and evaluation.
  • The results of step 1 are analyzed and interpreted by using quantitative and qualitative methods. For this purpose, we use our data pool consisting of thousands of brain scans. On this basis, operational and strategic measures for optimization are defined and designed with the aim of predictive revenue maximization.
Step 3
Touchpoint optimization, strategy adaptation and revenue maximization.
  • Together with you and our experts, we optimize all your relevant touchpoints. We also start monitoring immediately. The aim is an immediate follow-up optimization by using specific methods such as A/B testing, split campaigns, but also structural adjustments. With these conclusions, if necessary, suggestions for adapting the personas, but also your strategy, are generated and discussed with you.

Applied research for measurable, sustainable business success.

In addition to the development of neuromarketing, we provide a fundamental contribution to the maximization of sales but also profits of your company.

We deliver more accurate predictions and more effective touchpoints.

We build on the proven fMRI measurement and a scientifically based data pool of billions of data points. Together with our partner companies, we evaluate your current situation in the context of this unique data pool. Based on this, we develop operational and strategic measures together with you to optimize all touchpoints as part of your distribution strategy. In this way, we empower you to maximize and shape your sales in a sustainable and predictive manner, which secures you a long-term business existence.

As a digital advertising company, you can better predict and schedule the performance of your campaigns based on the knowledge gained in terms of predictive profit marketing and predictive communication intelligence. The result is a higher, more successful level in your customer communication and an optimized purchase decision.